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  1. Hello Henry,
    I found your blog by searching Dorothy Gipson. I was also friends with Dorothy in Shreveport. She was very special.
    Long story short;
    There was a story in the Dallas Morning News a couple of days ago about an arrest made through DNA of a serial rapist. It also mentioned a connection to the Shreveport rapes that were happening in the late 1970s and early 1980a.
    My immediate thought was Dorothy- that maybe this man (who is 74) is who killed her.
    I plan to reach out to Dallas PD media to request they follow up on the cold case about her.
    But I also wanted to contact you and her brother to alert you of the article

  2. Henry,
    Please contact me about Dorothy Gipson.
    I was a friend of hers too. There was a recent DNA arrest in Dallas of a serial rapist, who has also been connected to the Shreveport rapes in the early 1980s. I immediately thought he could be the man who killed her.
    My cell: (972) 365-2011. I want to send you the article.

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